Alan Silvestri: Cast Away

Alan Silvestri is an accomplished film composer who’s credits include some of the best-known movies in recent years. Many of those films – Cast Away, What Lies Beneath, Contact, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future – were directed by Robert Zemeckis. This CD comes on the tenth anniversary of their collaboration and features an incredible range of music, all performed by top orchestras.
Cast Away
Released: 4/24/2000
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Career Path
Alan Silvestri never imagined he’d become a composer for major motion pictures.
Music for Film
When he thinks about it, Silvestri sees himself as more of a filmmaker than a composer.
Roger Rabbit
This film’s elements led Silvestri to write some wild passages played by the London Symphony.
Working with RZ
For a decade, Silvestri has written for Robert Zemeckis, who’s expected him to perform as much as any leading actor.
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