Jerry Garcia Band: Shining Star

Noone who saw the Jerry Garcia Band could miss the chemistry between the renowned guitarist and his keyboard player, Melvin Seals. In this audio profile Seals talks about his collaboration with Garcia, and selections from their CD "Shining Star." The double CD displays the band at its best, with fixtures and rarities from their final years.
Shining Star
Released: 3/20/2001
Genre: Rock
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Shining Star
Melvin Seals played with Garcia longer than any other keyboard player.
Garcia’s Songbook
When it came to choosing songs, Jerry Garcia had a soft spot for classic R&B.
The Maker
Garcia didn’t talk about it, but Seals says he was drawn to songs with religious overtones.
Mississippi Moon
Seals says he and Garcia both loved arranging and playing ballads.
John Kahn’s Bass
A bass player’s unconventional style is (finally) explained.
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