Harriet Tubman: Prototype

Harriet Tubman explores the frontier where funk, rhythm and melody converge as sound and energy. The New York City-based trio with Brandon Ross on guitar Melvin Gibbs on bass and J.T. Lewis on drums, pulled cuts for "Prototype" from several live shows. The CD captures their dynamic and spontaneous sound from the cutting edge of electric improvisation.
Released: 1/1/2001
Label: Jasrac
Genre: Jazz
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Harriet Tubman
Guitarist Brandon Ross says Harriet Tubman weaves melody and rhythmn into a multi-dimensional electric experience.
New York City Sound
The trio’s sound could only come from one place, New York City.
Of Passage
Ross talks about ‘sonics,’ as exemplified in this composition.
There Goes the Neighborhood
Ross describes the musical ideas behind this piece from the cutting-edge of funk, jazz and electricity.
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