Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: SRV Box Set

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble set the standard for modern blues guitar for many years, right up to Vaughan’s 1990 death in a helicopter crash. Vaughan’s passionate and powerful playing was evident from the start. The Vaughan box set "SRV" holds a wealth of unissued concert material, from his earliest days in bars to his final performances. The collection shows the emergence, growth and ascendency of a master musician and his fabulous rhythmn section, bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton.
SRV/Box Set
Released: 11/21/2000
Label: Epic
Box Set
Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton says the "SRV" box set captures the band’s essence by focusing on live performances.
Early On
Layton remembers what it was like hearing a young Stevie Ray Vaughan play guitar – before they were in a band.
Adding Keys
In 1985, the band added a fourth member, Reese Wynans on keyboards, and the sound got larger.
Getting Better
In late 1986, Vaughan and his bandmates got sober and their music got even better.
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