KRS-ONE: The Sneak Attack

"I only speak when I have to speak," says MC KRS-ONE, who rose from living on the streets at age 15 to become one of the most respected MC’s in hip-hop. "The Teacher," as he calls himself, has much to say about hip-hop values and culture, and "The Sneak Attack" drives it home with the hard-core beats and aggressive rhymes that are KRS-ONE’s signature.
The Sneak Attack
Released: 4/24/2001
Label: Koch
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The Sneak Attack
KRS-ONE says he set out to make a hard core album with a positive message.
Hip-Hop Culture
"Rap is something you do…hip-hop is something you live."
Land of the Boogie Down
KRS had help on this very danceable track from hip-hop’s man for all seasons, Wycleff Jean.
True Knowledge
Sometimes real truth is hard to take.
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