Jeffrey Osborne: That’s For Sure

With his distinctive baritone voice and attractive vocal arrangements, Jeffrey Osborne has garnered a Grammy nomination for "That’s For Sure", his first studio album in eight years. The lushly produced 12-track set is a pleasing mix of ballads and mid-tempo cuts that confirms Osborne as one of R&B’s enduring talents.
That's for Sure
Released: 2/8/2000
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Vocalist Jeffrey Osborne considers himself a veteran artist, and is grateful for the recognition he’s finally receiving.
Love Ballad
After all these years, "Love Ballad" remains an Osborne signature.
Telling It Like It Is
Osborne doesn’t shy away from the illicit, the sad or the lovely when writing songs. All experience is fuel for his fire.
Dedicated to the One He Loves
Osborne talks about his father’s sacrifice, and why this album is dedicated to brother.
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