Double Trouble: Been A Long Time

Double Trouble, best known as Stevie Ray Vaughn’s fabulous rhythm section, is bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton. After years of backing others, Shannon and Layton put together several ensembles of renowned musicians and recorded a heartfelt, rock-and-blues-based CD featuring their own songwriting and some unusual covers. The result, as Shannon says, is "just good music," and most rock fans should agree.
Been A Long Time
Released: 2/6/2001
Genre: Rock
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Been a Long Time
Drummer Chris Layton says the album showcases great musicians playing together in exciting new ways.
Baby, There’s No One Like You
This classy jazzy ballad features Dr. John and some of Austin, Texas’, classical string and choral groups, says Layton.
Cry Sky
Tommy Shannon says his songwriting lets him express different feelings than playing bass.
Ground Hog Day
Double Trouble reached out to friends and younger musicians when recording this funky blues.
She’s Alright
Tommy Shannon says playing a Muddy Waters song isn’t as easy as one might think.
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