Bis: Music For a Strange World

Bis burst on the Brit-pop scene in the mid-90’s as a teen sensation, but their sound and songwriting has continued to grow. "Music for a Strange World" finds this talented trio from Glasgow, Scotland, writing rebellious and catchy songs with electro feels and dance beats that dare people to be different.
Music For a Strange World
Released: 2/20/2001
Genre: Pop
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Music for a Strange World
Manda Rin says Bis was inspired by the freedom of their new studio.
Please Be Strange
The band has always encouraged people to follow their hearts, and be strange.
Are You Ready?
Manda says this song came from looking back at the blurry days of being a teen pop sensation.
I Want it All
Many people write about being in love, or wanting to be. But not Manda.
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