Ahn Trio: Ahn-Plugged

Critically acclaimed, classically trained, and cheerfully unrestrained, the three sisters of the Ahn Trio collectively pull the plug on traditional definitions of classical music with an album that embraces Bernstein and Bowie with equal affection.
Released: 1/15/2000
Label: EMI
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What does it mean to be "Ahn-plugged?" To find out, be prepared to jettison your musical preconceptions.
Two Composers
The trio pays tribute to two of their favorite contemporary composers, Eric Ewazen and Kenji Bunch.
Bernstein Rediscovered
In 1937, a young Harvard underclassman named Leonard Bernstein wrote a Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano. Here’s how the Ahn Trio rediscovered this early treasure by an American master.
Spontaneous Bowie
Extolling the joys of getting it right the first time.
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