Supreme Beings of Leisure: Supreme Beings of Leisure

The Supreme Beings of Liesure are proponents of "Retro-Futuristim." The multicultural foursome takes the components of Lounge, Techno, and Indian classical, and wraps it up in a delightful package of introspective soulful groove.
Supreme Beings of Leisure
Released: 4/27/2000
Label: Rykodisc
Genre: Electronic
Democratic Band
What SBL is, says singer/songwriter Geri Soriano-Lightwood…which is just lovely.
Songs of Hope
"Nothing Like Tomorrow," their very first song, entered the world as a James Bond demo.
Answering the Critics
Critics once told them that Geri’s lyrics were too introspective and didn’t speak to the people.
Planet SBL
"It would be leisurely…and very lovely."
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