Rainer Maria: A Better Version of Me

Rainer Maria is an artsy rock trio that began when singer-bassist Caithlin De Marrais met guitarist Kyle Fischer at a poetry reading. Over the years, they’ve channeled interests in poetry and dance into incisive and dramatic songs with visceral appeal. "A Better Version of Me," features songs written by Caithlin and performed with poignant zest.
A Better Version of Me
Released: 1/23/2001
Genre: Alt/Indie
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A Better Version
Guitarist Kyle Fischer says this CD features probing songs written by singer-bassist Caithlin De Marrias.
Fischer says the group is drawn to songs that are striking and enigmatic, like this song about loss.
Body Rock
Rainer Maria creates music with their entire bodies, and it shows in their lyrics and live performances.
Lincoln’s Pockets
It’s not everyday the Library of Congress exhibit inspires an eerie song with a pop hook.
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