Persuasions: Might As Well…The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead

They’ve done Dylan, Zappa, Kurt Weill and Sam Cooke. Now the Persuasions add the Grateful Dead to their seemingly unlimited repertoire, proving once again that great songs and great singers transcend categories and labels.
Might As Well...The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead
Released: 12/15/2000
Label: Arista
Genre: Rock
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Dreams and Inspirations
What lead the Persuasions to the Dead? According to the group’s lead singer, Jerry Lawson, it was a dream conjured up by special request….
Lawson recalls the conversation with producer David Gans that gave the album its name, then pays tribute to the vocal talents of Jerry Garcia.
Once you’ve played for a Dead crowd, you know what it means to have fans.
Roses and Rivers
What gives a song special meaning? Sometimes it’s the sound, sometimes it’s the setting….
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  1. […] Jesse interviews Jerry about his tribute CD to The Grateful Dead titled: Might As Well: The Persuasions Sing The Grateful Dead (Out of Print) What led The Persuasions to the Dead? According to Lawson it was a dream conjured up by a special request. They’ve done Dylan, Zappa Kurt Weill, Sam Cooke to name a few. Now Jerry adds The Grateful Dead to the Persuasions seemingly unlimited repertoire proving once again that great songs done by a genius arranger and producer transcend categories and labels. Listen Here […]