Martin Sexton: Wonder Bar

Martin Sexton’s "Wonder Bar" is a heartfelt mix of searching ballads, uptempo songs about women in need, and gospel-tinged musings about his upbringing and continuing journey. Sexton, one of today’s best rock-and-soul singers, writes from a deep place, and delivers songs with an earthy poignancy. His voice rises and falls with his spirits, but in the end he offers passion and hope.
Wonder Bar
Released: 10/10/2000
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Rock
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Wonder Bar
Singer-songwriter-guitarist Martin Sexton says "Wonder Bar" takes listeners on a heartfelt journey.
Elephant’s Memory
Sexton says his songs come from a deep place, starting with his family and years growing up.
Free World
A few years back, Sexton flirted with living on the street and becoming an addict.
Where Did I Go Wrong?
This evocative, jazzy ballad tells the story of an old love and sexy Sunday evenings.
Sometimes sweet moments at home lead to songs that raise larger questions.
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