Haystak: Car Fulla White Boys

Haystak Mak Million hails from Nashville’s south side, where he grew up in a trailer park "on the wrong side of the tracks." Add a teenage prison term and you’ve got a hard-core rapper who’s as street as he needs to be. This 300 lb. "dirty white boy" is a survivor who puts his life in rhymes that are passionate, funny, and sometimes terrifying.
Car Fulla White Boys
Released: 10/26/2000
Label: Koch
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Haystak says he started young and fought his way into the rap game.
Car Fulla White Boys
It’s all true.
Haystak’s rhymes speak to some of the most frightening images of the street.
Haystak says his grandparents stood by him, though they didn’t always understand.
Special bonus track: At Home with Haystak
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