Evan Ziporyn: This Is Not a Clarinet

When composer/reed virtuoso Evan Ziporyn graduated from college he started travelling with the goal of taking himself as far away as possible from the known—a literal and figurative search for new directions. Eventually he landed in Bali, where gamelan music inspired ideas for compositions as well as notions about the role of music in a community. His new, enigmatically titled album is a reflection of his talent and his musical travels.
This Is Not a Clarinet
Released: 3/5/2001
Label: Cantaloupe
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This Is Not a Clarinet
When is a clarinet not a clarinet? When Evan Ziporyn says it isn’t, and he ought to know. The artist explains the album’s title.
Ziporyn the composer explores the inner workings of Ziporyn the performer, as well as the harmonic possibilities of his instrument.
From Bali to Bouvet
Tributes to far-away places: percussion ensembles in Bali, and the loneliest rock in the world.
David’s Piece (Press Release)
Ziporyn salutes Bang on a Can colleague and fellow composer David Lang with a rendition of a Lang composition that’s almost too hard to play.
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