Bare Jr.: Brainwasher

Bare Jr. is a quartet of renegade Nashville native sons led by Bobby Bare Jr., son of country legend, Bobby Bare. This is not his father’s music; Bare Jr. is a swirl of rootsy, distorted, rock. This sophomore release consists largely of songs written by Bare Jr. (the son, not the band) whose songs are self-deprecating, funny, and in Bare’s terms "ridiculous".
Released: 2/13/2001
Label: Virgin
Genre: Alt/Indie
All Bare Jr. profiles…
All Dressed Up With Someplace To Go
Releasing an album is like dolling up and heading for a club; will anyone ask you to dance?
What IS That Weird Guitar?
Dulcimer expert Tracey Hackney brings an unexpected twist to rock, and both rock and traditional music may never be the same.
What You Hear Is What You Get…Usually
Weary of wearing his heart on his sleeve, Bobby Bare Jr. pens a song whose meaning is absolutely obscure.
Family Tradition
Bobby Jr. takes after his daddy, singer-songwriter Bobby Bare, and Bare Senior’s pal and collaborator, the late humorist Shel Silverstein.
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