Tabla Beat Science: Tala Matrix

The Indian tabla is the father of all accelerated syncopation, including modern electronic music, says renowned bassist-composer Bill Laswell. On "Tala Matrix", Laswell brings together some of the drum’s most virtuoso players to create a sonic tour-de-force that’s dramatic, orchestral and at the cutting edge of modern electro-acoustic music.
Tala Matrix
Released: 9/12/2000
Label: Axiom
Genre: Electronic
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Tala Matrix
Composer-bassist Bill Laswell says the CD started with a simple idea: to showcase tabla master Zakir Hussain in an electronic setting.
Tabla Improv
When it comes to his contribution, Laswell says each piece started with the drumming and then the muse took over.
Tala Matrix also features pieces by virtuoso percussionists Trilok Gurtu, Talvin Singh and Karsh Kale.
Ustad Sultan Khan
Laswell says vocalist and sarangi master Ustad Sultan Khan may be the greatest living improviser on any instrument.
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