Red Snapper: Our Aim Is to Satisfy Red Snapper

London’s Red Snapper is no stranger to modern studio tricks, but what sets this CD apart from the dance/electronic herd is the solid playing of Richard Thair on drums, David Ayers on guitar, and Ali Friend on acoustic double bass. With vocalists MC Det and Karime Kendra, the groove is always organic, and just when things start to get sweaty, there are moments of sudden beauty.
Our Aim Is to Satisfy Red Snapper
Released: 10/17/2000
Label: Matador
Genre: Electronic
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Something New
Bassist Ali Friend hears the sounds of London in Red Snapper’s sonic landscapes.
Jokes and Kinks
Dance music can have its own techno-poetry, but sometimes it’s best just to laugh.
Double Bass
Red Snapper’s music is often called electronic, but Ali Friend is wedded to to his acoustic bass.
Beauty, and Truth
Friend says there are unguarded moments in Red Snapper’s music that still make him blush.
Vocalist Karime Kendra may just have broken the heat barrier.
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