Lifehouse: No Name Face

Lifehouse is led by 20-year-old Jason Wade, a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist who combines reflective lyrics with a range of modern rock feels. Wade grew up overseas and met his bandmates after moving to California when he was 15. The group went from playing local gigs in Malibu to opening for Pearl Jam. "No Name Face" is their Dreamworks debut.
No Name Face
Released: 10/31/2000
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Rock
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No Name Face
Lifehouse singer, songwriter and guitarist Jason Wade says the CD’s songs come from the pages of his life.
Quiet Words, Loud Guitars
Wade and his bandmates like a sound that combines quiet words and dramatic music.
The band often starts its shows with this song, about facing doubt and having faith.
Hanging By A Moment
Wade wanted to write a certain type of love song, one that could be interpreted at many levels.
An old movie about a hunchback struck a chord and led to a song with a provocative message.

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