DJ Assault: Off the Chain for the Y2K

DJ Assault, aka Craig Adams, is the Ayatollah of "Ghetto Tech", the Motor City club sound that marries the turntablist’s art with lyrics at the frontier of raunch. With its whacky chipmunk voices chanting x-rated lyrics at break-neck tempos, the most sensible reaction to this album may just be to dance.
Off the Chain for the Y2K
Released: 10/31/2000
Genre: Electronic
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Ghetto Tech
DJ Assault may have pioneered "Ghetto Tech", but he’s not crazy about the name.
F**k You Hoe
A meditation on "female-troubles" drawn from real life.
Ass and Titties
The Assault treatment of a classic theme.
Collector’s Item
This continuous mix CD was edited for national release, because many of the tracks borrowed copyrighted material; but a few sneaked through.
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