The Pharcyde: Plain Rap

The Pharcyde’s eccentric 1992 debut album changed the pattern of West Coast Hip-Hop, and helped hoist L.A. out of what one critic called “its bullets and bitches pigeon hole”. “Plain Rap”, The Pharcyde’s third CD after a five year silence and some changes in the group, shows they haven’t lost their touch with unusual subjects and offbeat humor.
Plain Rap
Released: 11/7/2000
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Five Years
“Plain Rap” arrives half a decade after their last CD, and The Pharcyde’s Booty Brown says they never expected they’d still be in the game.
Break the Rules
Brown has a few thoughts on where he’d still like to go with the music.
The Pharcyde’s obligatory ode to the greenery is a musical how-to. Be ready to take notes.
In a Rush
Two songs that ask, as we rush ahead, where are we rushing to.

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