Plena Libre: Mas Libre

Since 1994, Gary Nuñez and Plena Libre have almost single-handedly rescued Puerto Rico’s national rhythm, Plena, from obscurity and placed it solidly on the Latin charts. The tight, thirteen-piece orchestra’s eighth release, “Mas Libre”, deftly transforms this once-rural folk form with sophisticated jazz orchestrations, clever storytelling, and irresistible dance tunes as hot as any Salsa.
Mas Libre
Released: 10/10/2000
Label: RykoLatino
Genre: Latin
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Mas Libre
Bandleader Gary Nuñez and Plena Libre have given a new polish and sophistication to Puerto Rico’s 200-year-old national rhythm, the Plena.
La Plena
Nuñez has updated the Plena with new rhythms and contemporary compositions, like "Malcria’o" by fellow Puerto Rican Rodlofo "Nava" Barrera.
Somos Diferentes
Alas! They’re in love, but they can’t agree on their music! With a fine performance by the great sonero José Alberto, “El Canario”.
El Bravo
The alternate title to this song about domestic violence is “Se Acabó”, “It’s Over”.

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