Juno Reactor: Shango

Juno Reactor’s Ben Watkins is a musical world traveler. He’s camped in the middle of the Namibian desert to study the music of the Bushmen. On Shango, named for the Nigerian god of thunder, he blends the tribal evocations of electronic trance music with exotic collaborations ranging from Bushman percussionist Mabi Thobejane, to Tuvan throat singer Boris Salchach.
Released: 10/17/2000
Genre: Electronic
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Musical Journeys
Since boyhood, Juno Reactor’s Ben Watkins has loved music’s power to take him to another dimension.
Indian Flute player Deepak Ram and Tuvan throat singer Boris Salchach help to summon the ancient moods that Watkins says computers often miss.
Juno Reactor’s music is often called “dark”, but Watkins prefers to call it “mysterious”.
God of Thunder
Anguished images from the high tech war in the Balkans are the subject of this ritual summoning.
Bonus Track
An artist’s lament…
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