Geoff Muldaur: Password

Geoff Muldaur combs through the arcana of 20th Century American music and breathes new life into long-overlooked gems. Whether a Bessie Smith ballad, Blind Willie Johnson spiritual, or Eric Von Schmidt blues, Muldaur creates lush, personal renditions combining instruments and orchestration not commonly heard in contemporary music. ‘Password’ is his second release after a 20-year absence from performing, and it showcases a heartfelt craftsman in top form.
Released: 10/3/2000
Genre: Americana
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Geoff Muldaur creates lush and highly original versions of tunes found in the back pages of the American popular songbook.
Poems and Divas
Muldaur sets a Tennessee Williams poem to music, while his daughter Clare interprets Bessie Smith.
Two spirituals, updated with orchestration and delicate harmonies.
Muldaur resurrected this Eric Von Schmidt blues for a tribute performance for the influential singer-songwriter.
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