Bruce Hornsby: Here Come the Noise Makers

Bruce Hornsby’s first live recording is a masterpiece of exuberance and outstanding musicianship. The pianist/singer-songwriter poured over tapes from the past two years to showcase himself and his band in top form. Hornsby takes the pop and rock songs he’s known for and mixes in jazz standards, 12-tone and fiddle tunes, and free-form singing to create a sound that’s orchestral and moving.
Here Come the Noise Makers
Released: 10/24/2000
Label: RCA
Genre: Pop
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The Noise Makers
Pianist and singer-songwriter Bruce Hornsby says he’s waited for years to put out a live CD for good reason.
Stretching Pop
Hornsby teases his audience with traces of George Gershwin and Samuel Barber before diving into one of his best-known songs.
Musical Growth
Five years ago, Hornsby set out to change the way he used his hands to play piano.
Fortunate Son
This ballad began in a book about a father, a son and a war.
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