A: Monkey Kong

A is an exciting British rock band that’s played to stadiums in Europe with the Bloodhound Gang. They play hard-charging, punk-influenced rock, but add pop harmonies and dynamics that recall the early Police. Three of the band’s members are brothers, and their music has a fun quirkiness that’s appropriately skeptical of anything mainstream and optimistic about anything that’s out of the ordinary.
Monkey Kong
Released: 9/26/2000
Label: Mammouth
Genre: Alt/Indie
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Monkey Kong
Vocalist Jason Perry says the title cut is about an odd thing that happens to some bands – but not to A.
Old Folks
Some British music critics thought this song was making fun of old folks.
Miles Away
A song about musicians who think they have important opinions.
Punk Philosophy
Jason Perry says a punk philosophy is the key to healthy living.
bonus track
Grandma said, "Don’t be Punks," and this is what happened.

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