Sisters Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn have been working the Nashville scene for over ten years. Their platinum debut as SHeDAISY features their trademark close harmony singing and Kristyn’s clever songwriting. The group’s name doesn’t refer to flowers for women. It’s a derivative of a Native American word that means "my sister."
The Whole SHeBANG
Released: 5/11/1999
Label: No Label
Genre: Country
All SHeDAISY profiles…
Sweet Success
Kristyn, Kelsi, and Kassidy Osborn may have a platinum hit record, but Kristyn says the sisters have years of hard work behind them.
I Will…But
Will she or won’t she? Only the songwriter knows for sure. Using real life to craft a song.
The Beatles
Flash! Another generation of songwriters influenced by the fab four.
On Writing Songs
Kristyn Osborn says it IS possible to keep your integrity and enjoy commerical sucess as well.
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