John Cage: Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music; 103 (Petr Kotik, conductor)

This major (4 CD) presentation of three orchestral pieces by musical revolutionary John Cage, conducted by his friend and colleague Petr Kotik, includes Cage’s first and last orchestral compositions, and the last performance of pianist David Tudor.
Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music; 103
Released: 1/1/1999
Label: Asphodel
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Something I Have Never Heard Before
That’s what John Cage was seeking; but that search, says Petr Kotik, is not to be confused with a musical free-for-all.
Why Do Music?
Why did John Cage seek to compose music no one had ever heard? Answers may be revealed in cultures of the East and medieval manuscripts.
Conducting Cage
Atlas Eclipticalis calls for the conductor to move like a clock; 103 calls for no conductor at all. Kotik describes the challenges of conducting Cage.
A Perfect Score
John Cage’s musical scores look wildly unorthodox (see picture), but in fact they are as precise and decipherable as any score, says Maestro Kotik.
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