Jets to Brazil: Four Cornered Night

Blake Schwarzenbach, Jets to Brazil’s lead singer, began writing the songs that became ‘Four Cornered Night’ after a difficult but unavoidable break-up. The result is a lush and often poetic CD with songs about characters whose intentions and fates are bruised by experience, but who somehow emerge wiser in the end.
Four Cornered Night
Released: 8/25/2000
Label: Jade Tree
Genre: Alt/Indie
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The CD
Singer-songwriter Blake Schwarzenbach says Jets to Brazil’s second release broke new ground in many ways.
You Think You Know
Schwarzenbach says Jets to Brazil fans often confuse him with characters in his songs.
In The Summers…
This song, says its author, is the CD’s centerpiece.
Schwarzenbach takes songwriting seriously, which takes him to strange places and unexpected characters.

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