James Armstrong: Got It Goin’ On

Bluesman James Armstrong is back, two years after a crazed intruder’s attack left his fretting hand useless and his young son severely injured. His son is nearly recovered, and his left hand is slowly mending. "I’m the best two-fingered guitarist I know," says Armstrong.
Got It Goin' On
Released: 9/19/2000
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Armstrong recounts the chilling event that changed his life, accompanied by instrumental sections from his new release that demonstrate the extent of his recovery.
Goin’ On
The title track reflects a triumph of effort, patience, and healing as Armstrong gradually rebuilds his skills.
True Blues
James Armstrong’s path to the blues began not in a Deep South delta, but on a Southern California beach.
Pennies, Picks, and the Learning Curve
Life on the road can be tough; life anywhere can be tough— but that’s why we have the Blues.
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