DJ Muggs: Soul Assassins Vol. II

After the successful 1997 release of the first Soul Assassins album, DJ Muggs found himself pestered to produce another hot line-up of rhymers backed up by his dark beats. This time he has a different take on the East Coast/ West Coast collaboration, and hooks up exclusively with underground artists.
Soul Assassins Vol. II
Released: 10/10/2000
Label: No Label
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The Project
DJ Muggs thought he was done with the Soul Assassins project. Here’s why he changed his mind.
Smoke Signals
Muggs went back to his smoked-out musical roots to create the hazy sound of this production.
Beats, Body and Soul
He knows what it takes to rap to his beats, and Muggs takes no prisoners in telling you what it is.
Mission to Mentor
For Muggs, helping younger artists is an important part of the Soul Assassins project.
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