Black Eyed Peas: Bridging the Gap

Known for their extravagant live shows, featuring break dancing and live musicians, the Black Eyed Peas paint hip-hop culture with a broad palette. Taboo is Native American and Hispanic, hails from the Philippines, and is from East L.A. Their second Album, Bridging the Gap, draws on these influences and more, in songs that range from sweetness to anger.
Bridging the Gap
Released: 9/28/2000
Label: Interscope
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Hot Hot Hot
The work is hard, says Taboo, but the payoff is priceless. And don’t forget those backup singers.
Sweet-voiced Macy Gray is a friend of the family, but she reminds Taboo of Chicago Bulls Coach Phil Jackson.
Thanks for the Weekends
A star turn by Posdnous, and the mesmerizing vocals of Esthero.
Like a Rap Song
Hip-hop is like a beautiful woman, but the Peas say she’s being treated like a whore.
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