The Kinleys: II

Twin sisters Heather and Jennifer Kinley release their sophmore effort, appropriately titled "Kinleys II". The album builds on the certified gold success of their first CD, with a blend of close harmony singing and compelling songs, delivered with a slighly raw, soulful vocal edge.
Kinleys II
Released: 7/18/2000
Label: No Label
Genre: Country
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Kinleys II
With the record halfway done, Heather and Jennifer made the difficult decision to replace their producers and mentors, Tony Haselden and Russ Zavitson, with left-of-center country songwriter Radney Foster.
"She Ain’t the Girl for You" and "That’s Gonna Mess You Up"
These songs are fun and sexy…and that’s why they like ’em.
What’s It Like Being Twins?
How two sisters can keep their sanity in close proximity?
The Third Voice
The Kinleys acknowledge the influence of two other family duos.
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