Spontaneous: Spur of the Moment Musik

On his debut release, Spur of the Moment Musik, Spontaneous earns his moniker with impulsive rhymes and space age beats. His naturally eclectic style is pushed to the limit when he teams up with guest artists such as Xzibit, Bahamadia and Kurtis Blow.
Spur of the Moment Musik
Released: 1/25/2000
Label: No Label
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Spontaneous samples an opera overture, proving once and for all that the phat lady has, indeed, sung.
He considers SRV1 the most all-around song on the album but he and Xzibit are both really feeling it on Reprezen’n.
The Icon and the Butterfly
Spontaneous reflects on the sensuality and creativity behind his collaborations with veteran MC Bahamadia and lyrical newcomer Asthete.
Put Some Hip In That Hop
Never use the term "hip hop" lightly. Spontaneous tells you why.
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