Mary Gauthier: Drag Queens in Limousines

Louisiana-born Mary Gauthier is an exceptional singer-songwriter whose songs from life’s edge are as real as they are rugged. Her second CD takes us into her life: growing up with alcoholics; running away; and facing love and death. Her songs are striking and spare, delivered with graceful clarity and passion.
Drag Queens in Limousines
Released: 8/12/2000
Genre: Americana
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Drag Queens in Limousines
Mary Gauthier’s second CD takes us to striking moments in her life that are vivid, raw and more like snapshots than songs.
Sometimes you need to save yourself, not people you’ve fallen for.
Karla Faye
Gauthier lived on the streets as a teen and knows how vulnerable people can turn violent.
Gauthier’s generous song about helping her mother cope with the death of friends.
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