Mark Levine and the Latin Tinge: Hey, It’s Me

"I just wanted to leave another footprint in the sand," says pianist Mark Levine of his new album. This footprint moves to rumba, timba, songo, mambo, and straight ahead jazz, propelled by a group of inspired jazz veterans: Levine, percussionist Michael Spiro, bassist Peter Barshay, and drummer Paul Van Wageningen.
Hey, It's Me
Released: 10/17/2000
Label: No Label
Genre: Jazz
Mark’s Wow
Reflections on a long-term relationship.
We join the Sonny Rollins tune "Airegin" in progress— a treatment marked by rhythmic piano patterns, challenging studio logistics, and a timely vocal cue.
If it’s going to be Latin jazz, it has to meet the rhythm requirements.
Bring on the Funk
The "Latin tinge" has deep roots that continue to grow new branches.
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