Analog Brothers: Pimp to Eat

Kool Keith, the man of a thousand weird personalities,and gangsta rapper Ice-T headline this collaborative excursion into growling, retro synthesizers and freaky, sci-fi lyrics. The Analog Brothers are Ice Oscillator (aka Ice-T), Keith Korg (aka Kool Keith), Silver Synth (aka Black Silver) and Rex Roland JX39 (aka Pimp Rex). They deliver their rapid-fire, often X-rated rhymes over heavy tracks of classic analog synthesizer funk.
Pimp to Eat
Released: 8/1/2000
Genre: Electronic
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Kool Keith (“Keith Korg”) talks about the classic synths on the record, and takes a few shots at the monotony of the latest studio sound.
Power Funk
No cartoon music, no cha-chas, no poodles.
Bionic Oldsmobile
The Analog Brothers are seasoned pros, says Keith, and they treated the studio like an automobile assembly line.
Wild Thing
Just four guys sharing their freaky fantasies.
Kool Keith Bonus Track
Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Mr. Gerbik, Dr. Doom–who are these weird personalities who inhabit the Being called Keith?
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