Kathy Mattea: The Innocent Years

After a three year absence, Kathy Mattea’s "The Innocent Years" is a sonorous and thoughtful reflection on mid-life. The song list includes songs that are strongly influenced by the life threatening illnesses of both of Matea’s parents. The album marks her conscious emergence as a songwriter and as a producer. She says "The Innocent Years" is one of her "…two or three favorite ablums." As she has through her 15 year career, she maintains her independance by remaining close to her country, folk and bluegrass roots.
The Innocent Years
Released: 5/16/2000
Label: No Label
Genre: Country
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The CD
Kathy Mattea takes the leap and sucessfully tries her hand at something she has long wanted to do, songwriting. She includes two of her songs on the CD, the title cut "The Innocent Years" and "Calling My Name."
Innocent Years
The emotional intensity of Kathy Mattea’s "The Innocent Years" is the result of the serious illnesses of both her parents, and her reflections on what she values most. (Mattea’s parents are currently doing well.)
Why Can’t We
Why can’t we get beyond our desire for material wealth and just enjoy the people we love?
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