Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos: The “Hotel Child”

With an album title inspired by her life and a favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald story, Ingrid Lucia leads her peripatetic band through a dozen selections that range from New Orleans to Velvet Underground and back again.
The "Hotel Child"
Released: 8/8/2000
Genre: Jazz
Hotels and Neutrinos
Ingrid Lucia and her cousin Todd grew up together in a family band whose name came from an auspicious scientific discovery that mirrored the group’s lifestyle.
On Holiday
So you’re hearing Ingrid sing for the first time live, and you catch her at the break and say, "Did anyone ever tell you that you sound just like Billie Hol—"
Guitarist Matt Munisteri’s mysterious compositions draw from unexpected sources.
Velvet Duck
What’s Lou Reed doing rubbing shoulders with Satchmo? And what the heck does "making duck" mean?
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