Elliott Smith: Figure 8

Elliott Smith is a gifted songwriter and composer. His songs evoke Beatleseque melodies and psychedelic tapestries, while his lyrics portray people’s inner lives. Smith is a close observer of vanities and relationships, and like the title of his latest CD, "Figure 8," he revels in those aspects of human nature that seem to go in circles in people’s lives.
Figure 8
Released: 4/8/2000
Label: Dreamworks
Genre: Pop
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The CD
Elliott Smith is an acute observer of personal details, but that doesn’t mean his songs are about himself.
Interior Lives
Smith is intrigued by people’s inner strengths and odd triumphs.
Dreams and Songs
His songs aren’t always clear, because that’s how people are.
Can’t Make a Sound
Smith talks about the origin of a very dramatic song.
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