Duke Robillard: Explorer

Duke Robillard is a master musician who has been playing a wide range of blues and jazz styles for years. Early in his career, he confounded critics with albums from all corners of the blues world. Today he’s known as an eloquent performer and bandleader who soulfully plays any imaginable blues style.
Released: 6/13/2000
Label: Shanachie
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Blues and More
Duke Robillard is a master guitarist and producer who plays a wide variety of musical styles – all based in blues and jazz.
Saying Don’t Make It So
Sometimes you don’t know what you’re singing about… and magic still happens in the studio.
The Most Fun
Duke Robillard says producing albums and experimenting with sounds may be even more fun than playing guitar.
Time Is Short
A close friend wrote this jazzy ballad about a revealing remark by Duke.
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