Bozzio Levin Stevens: Situation Dangerous

The second offering from this trio of rock superplayers, Terry Bozzio (drums/percussion), Tony Levin (bass) and Steve Stevens (guitars) reflects their influences and depth of experience: a blend of flamenco, flaming metal, jazz flavors and newly discovered sounds.
Situation Dangerous
Released: 8/8/2000
Label: No Label
Genre: Rock
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Titles and Moods
What’s dangerous about this situation? That’s for you to decide.
Drum Kit Evolution
Accompanied by the flamenco-inspired "Tziganne," drummer Terry Bozzio describes the development of his drum kit and his technique.
Melt, Explore, Let Go
Bozzio’s prescription for musical enlightenment.
Steve and Tony
Terry Bozzio on the artistry of his colleagues, guitarist Steve Stevens and bassist Tony Levin, and the chemistry among them.
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