Steve Morse: Major Impacts

Guitar ace Steve Morse issues an album of eleven original songs, each emulating the sound and style of a guitarist who had a major impact on his playing. Morse steps into the stylistic shoes of such legends as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John McLaughlin, Leslie West, Jimmy Page and Keith Richards, among others.
Major Impacts
Released: 7/7/2000
Label: No Label
Genre: Rock
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The CD
Sources of inspiration for guitarist Steve Morse are sometimes surprising; other times they’re as loud and clear as a Jimmy Page solo.
Beatles and Byrds
Morse discovered that evoking rock legends can require unheard-of and seemingly impossible sounds.
Mountain Man
The joys of becoming Leslie West…
Morse’s McLaughlin
The Mahavishnu Orchestra was to the Dixie Dregs as John McLaughlin was to Steve Morse.

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