North Mississippi Allstars: Shake Hands with Shorty

The North Mississippi Allstars are the sons of well-known bluesmen and producers who play roots rock and boogie blues with spirit and abandon. This first CD comes after three years of gigging and includes favorite songs by Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Furry Lewis and Junior Kimbrough.
Shake Hands with Shorty
Released: 5/9/2000
The CD
Guitarist Luther Dickinson says the band’s first CD combines old songs and lively jamming.
Roots Rock
Luther’s style starts with taking songs that old bluesmen played solo and adapting them for the band.
Electric Guitar
Dickinson says he couldn’t make a CD without some jamming electric guitars.
The Dickinson family had no idea there were so many great musicians living in the North Mississippi hills when they moved there… but there were.
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