Noel Redding: West Cork Tuning

Noel Redding is best known for playing bass with Jimi Hendrix, but he’s also a longtime rock-n-roll guitar player who always liked a good jam. A few years ago, Keith Dion urged Redding to fly to the U.S. and sit in with his California band, 305 AM. Redding agreed, and this CD contains excerpts from those shows, all played with the off-the-cuff energy that Redding says first drew him to rock-n-roll.
West Cork Tuning
Released: 5/1/2000
Label: Yeahh
Genre: Rock
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The CD
Guitarist Noel Redding talks about his new recording with 3:05AM, a California band.
Rock Roots
Redding plays the American rock songs he learned growing up in England in the 50s.
Noel Redding knew John Lennon and started playing this song a decade ago.
Beyond Hendrix
Redding talks about playing the Jimmy Hendrix song book.

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