Jurassic 5: Quality Control

The major label debut from this veteran L.A. Crew has been as well received as it was eagerly awaited. The J-5 flavor is a toast to the classic elements of hip-hop: funk, epic sensibility, upfull humor and bomb DJ’s. “Quality Control” is both polished and infectious, with compelling mike work from the four MC’s, and some textbook turntablism from Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark.
Quality Control
Released: 6/20/2000
Label: Interscope
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The CD
MC Zaakir, aka “Soup”, talks about the great expectations greeting J5’s first full length CD.
The Game
This song about “verbal basketball” was a bittersweet reunion for the two crews that formed Jurassic 5.
Cut ‘n’ Nu
Zaakir says Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark don’t just hold down the beat. They’re J5’s global sample researchers.
Soup’s Pop
Zaakir’s dad gives a little personal history of his son the performer.
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