Brazzaville: Brazzaville 2002

Saxophonist David Brown, known for playing with Beck, has brought together some of his favorite musicians to record a CD of “tropicalia” inspired by his world travels. In 2002, he says, he wants to buy a freighter and play in port cities around the globe.
Brazzaville 2002
Released: 5/30/2000
Genre: Alt/Indie
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The CD
Saxophonist and songwriter David Brown has created a CD inspired by the sights and sounds of his travels in the tropics.
Sewers of Bangkok
The weird inspiration for a song about a figure who sees all of the human condition.
Nirorukidul is an Indonesian Goddess who lives in the ocean near Java. Brown tells the rest.
Water Songs
David Brown says he’s drawn to steamy weather and tropical moments, in his life and in his music.
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